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Afghan business thrives on Iran's border

By Mark Sappenfield, The Christian Science Monitor
When Hajji Zekrullah Ahmadyar drives out of Herat, he witnesses an urban tableau that is in many ways atypical of modern Afghanistan.
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Afghanistan to gain debt relief

BBC News - Afghanistan has made sufficient steps in improving its economy to qualify for debt relief, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have said. Under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative, Afghanistan will now have its net public and private debt payments cut by 51%.
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Coca Cola returns to Afghanistan

BBC News - More than a decade after the Coca Cola bottling plant in Afghanistan was ravaged by artillery fire, the company is back with a gleaming new facility in capital, Kabul.
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IMF approves $119 million loan for Afghanistan

Reuters - The International Monetary Fund on Monday approved a loan arrangement of about $119 million for Afghanistan to help fight poverty.
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Afghanistan has the assets to regain momentum

By Ashraf Ghani, The Financial Times (UK)
There is an emerging consensus, domestic and international, that Afghanistan is likely to slide into chaos. This misses the central point: there are assets in place that, if organised coherently, could re-establish momentum towards creating a stable, prosperous and democratic Afghanistan. If failure is not an option for the international community, attention must be focused on renewing Afghans’ trust in a bright future to make them active partners in the fight against violence and disorder.
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Afghan parliament passes budget

KABUL (The News) - The Afghan parliament approved its first national budget on Saturday after allowing for a pay hike for civil servants that had delayed its passage by a fortnight, officials said.
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Afghan Parliament Rejects Budget Over Teacher Raises

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghanistan's Parliament overwhelmingly rejected the government's budget on Sunday after Finance Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi told legislators that international donors would not agree to raise the salaries of teachers and other government workers.
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Afghan women start businesses, help reconstruct a torn nation

By David Montero, The Christian Science Monitor
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - Pashtun Begum used to beg door-to-door in Kabul, offering to wash clothes. It was the only living available, she thought, for a widow like herself.
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Afghan women get down to business

By Mark Dummett, BBC News
The Kabul Star football is manufactured in a large house in the Afghan capital. The production line runs through its many rooms.
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India announces additional 50 million dollars aid to Afghanistan

AFP - India pledged an extra 50 million dollars in aid to Afghanistan for a total of 650 million dollars since 2001 and said it would consider a new credit facility to boost trade.
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Afghanistan To Boost Cement Output Amid Pakistani Export Ban

PESHAWAR (Asia Pulse) - Following Pakistan's recent ban on cement exports to Afghanistan, the country's Ministry for Commerce said on Sunday that the government had increased investment in the sector to meet local demand and also control prices.
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Investment climate improving – World Bank

KABUL (IRIN) - A World Bank report released on Saturday said that the investment climate in Afghanistan was improving, but identified key constraints to capital inflows. The report called on the government to do more to promote private-sector development.
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India to join Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan gas pipeline

PTI - Ahead of the visit of US President George Bush, India has decided to join the US-backed Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan pipeline to import natural gas to meet the fuel needs of its growing economy.
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Pakistan, Afghanistan to discuss pipeline on Monday

IRNA - Pakistan and Afghanistan will hold ministerial-level talks in Islamabad on Monday about the long-delayed multi-billion dollar Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan (TAP) gas pipeline project, officials said on Sunday.
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